Noaa Barki

Noaa Barki Full-stack developer

I’m a full-stack developer, community manager, and tech writer who wish to encourage and empowers other full-stack developers to deepen the decisions we make during the development processes, research about the technologies we use and share our knowledge.

I started my journey in 8200 unit of the Intelligence forces, where I took my first steps in the world of the beloved .NET framework, towards the end of my service I started to engage in front-end development.

In the last 4 years, my background mainly included Angular, .NET, VanillaJS, and Typescript and currently, I develop in React, NodeJS and Go and one of the managers of the Github IL community. Plan and design applications architecture, research and adopt development best practices and coding standards are real passions of mine.

Don’t Underestimate the push –force


Don’t underestimate the force! Explore the good the bad and ugly of git -force option. It is well known that git’s push –force is strongly discouraged and even considered destructive and harmful. In this talk, we will understand why it can be dangerous, learn when we should use it, how it works under the hood […]

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