Moaid Hathot

Moaid Hathot

Software Architect & Code Jedi @CodeValue

Moaid is a Software Consultant, Code Jedi and an OzCode Evangelist at CodeValue. He views Software development as both an Art form and a Profession, and he is an advocate for Software Craftsmanship and Clean Code methodologies. Since the first time he had to debug a program, Moaid has aspired to master the art of debugging and to decrease debugging time as much as possible. In his blog ( Moaid writes about software, programming languages, software development tools and anything else he finds interesting.

What’s Coming in C# 9.0


C# is one of the most used and loved programming languages out there, and this is because it is always evolving and improving to meet modern development needs. C# 7.x and C# 8.0 introduced several features targeting Functional Programing, and C# 9.0 is continuing this trend, focusing on immutability, pattern-matching, and more functional constructs. Join […]

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