Ciprian Jichici

Ciprian Jichici

AI and Quantum Geek

Ciprian is the CEO of Genisoft, one of the most innovative Microsoft partners in Romania. Ciprian is also the Chief Data Scientist of Solliance, one of the top worldwide Microsoft AI partners. He is recognized internationally as a Microsoft Regional Director and a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning are some of the key areas of his expertise spanning 20+ years of IT. Ciprian is also very passionate about quantum physics and consequently, about quantum computing.

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Are We There Yet? – The Quest for Quantum Computing


The race for Quantum Supremacy is on. The promises are spectacular, and the challenges, enormous. In this paradigm-changing quest, Microsoft is taking a bold approach based on what is known today as topological quantum computing. In this session, we’ll analyze the current state of Quantum Computing with a focus on Microsoft’s approach. We’ll touch on […]

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