Are We There Yet? – The Quest for Quantum Computing


The race for Quantum Supremacy is on. The promises are spectacular, and the challenges, enormous. In this paradigm-changing quest, Microsoft is taking a bold approach based on what is known today as topological quantum computing.

In this session, we’ll analyze the current state of Quantum Computing with a focus on Microsoft’s approach. We’ll touch on the essential topics, from the theory and the algorithms to the actual building of the physical systems. Examples based on Q#, Microsoft’s QC programming language, will help you understand the patterns of interaction with this amazing and complex world.

Quantum Computing is still in its infancy. It is complex, difficult to understand, and in many aspects, seriously counter-intuitive. At the same time, it is one of humankind’s best bets for solving some of the most complex problems. This session will help you understand the current state of this spectacular field.

And no, a quantum physics Ph.D. is not required to attend the session.

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